Roadway - Complete Streets Alta Drive (South of Faye Road North to Burkit Lane)


The scope of the Alta Drive roadway improvements will include the widening of the existing roadway to a six-lane, divided roadway from the I-295 exit to Faye Road, a four-lane divided roadway to Ashgrove Road and a five-lane roadway to Burkit Lane. The project will also feature bike lanes, sidewalks and a closed drainage system.

The bridge over Dunn Creek will be restriped to accommodate the four (4) lanes of traffic that will be accommodated by the existing bridge. There will be a new or upgraded signal installed at Faye Road and Port Jacksonville Parkway.


The contractor completed clearing and grubbing of the corridor and construction of three of the five proposed stormwater ponds.

The contractor is currently focusing work activities on completing Phase 1 from I-295 to Faye Road to be
substantially complete March 2022.

Demucking has begun and will require a detour to finish and safely complete construction. The 60-day detour is anticipated to occur early 2022.

On May 25, 2021, the contractor submitted the Gopher Tortoise Relocation After action report in accordance with the permit. Relocation efforts are complete.

JTA staff and the contractor met with CSX on July 14, 2021 to discuss the reconstruction of the crossing. CSX has committed to beginning construction in September 2021. The crossing is expected to be closed by CSX for 10 days to complete construction. CSX has determined that the water and sewer improvements will have to be completed via a separate crossing closure which is expected to occur early 2022.


This project will increase roadway capacity, reduce congestion and provide a safer facility.