Business Development Academy

The Back-2-Work Program is designed with the goal of creating Academy new job opportunities by pairing needs with resources, developing and providing replicable training opportunities, creating and expanding opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses, reducing health, safety and wealth disparities.

All workshops are free. They will be from 5:50 to 7:30 p.m. and held quarterly, on the second Tuesday of April, July and October of 2016 and January and April of 2017.


Call Anita McGoogin 904-633-8533 or email

Call Diane Hanse 904-632-5221 or email

Marketing & Branding| April 12, 2016 @ Legends Center 5054 Soutel Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32208

  • Developing a brand for growth
Attracting and retaining customers

  • Social media and face-to-face marketing
  • Networking effectively

Government Contracting | July 12, 2016 @ FDOT 
2198 Edison Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204

  • Finding contracts suited for your business

  • Completing required registrations
Engaging a winning business development strategy 

Team Building | October 11, 2016 @ BSEC 
Beaver Street Enterprise Center (BSEC), 1225 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville, FL 32204

  • Challenges of building a high performing team
  • Improve team communication

  • Create common goals

  • Clarify roles and increase collaboration 

Financial Management | January 10, 2017 @ Career Source 215 N. Market St., Jacksonville, FL 32202

Measure and improve company financial performance
Determine causes of financial weakness in a company
  • How to plan for and manage growth and know how much funding the business needs